Posted: Thu, 22/12/2016 - 17:16

At the end of October we sent out an email request to SiDE Pool members with email addresses.

We asked them to complete a survey regarding their motivations for taking part in research...

in-SiDE Newsletter Number 6 Summer 2014.


Welcome to inSiDE Newsletter number 6. 

This edition describes two new approaches in research we thought you might find interesting.

The first reports on a collaboration with the BBC in which the researcher, Rolando Medellin is looking for volunteers to help with his study. If you are regular radio listeners you may have noticed that more and more programmes try to elicit feedback from their listeners. It seems that younger listeners are happy to take part but the BBC would like to find out ways in which they can encourage more older adults to join in and take part in online debates where they may influence thinking, and even policy, on the current issues of the day.

The second reports on some innovative approaches to persuading non artists and designers to understand that their tastes and style preferences are hugely important for developers to understand and incorporate when they are working on product design. However if you do not think of yourself as 'arty' it is quite likely you might not think your opinion matters. Our team of designers from Duncan of Jordanstone are working in care homes and need the input of older adults to help them with their work. They are currently working on the design of wearable technology for people in care homes - a challenging population to include in research studies, not least because of the vulnerability of that population. More information on 

Finally, we alert you to the fact that SiDE's current funding is coming to an end and we want to have an event to thank you all for your support. Further details will follow but please add Saturday February 7th 2015 to your calendar or diary when we plan a day for you to drop in and meet us, ask questions and see some of the work you have helped us with. There will also be a nice lunch to share with you.

Invitations will be part of the next newsletter.