Posted: Thu, 22/12/2016 - 17:16

At the end of October we sent out an email request to SiDE Pool members with email addresses.

We asked them to complete a survey regarding their motivations for taking part in research...



A leaflet is in the post to all members of the SiDE Dundee User Pool.

We need your permission to include all SiDE researchers in the recruitment of participants for different research studies. Marianne is now also involved in research projects so it makes sense for each SiDE researcher to take responsibility for finding people to help them with their particular research. Nothing else changes you can still say no to taking part if it does not suit you. 

We are asking you a number of things:

  • To confirm you are still happy to take part when possible
  • To tell us if you no longer want to be part of the SiDE Research Pool
  • To update where necessary your new email addresses and phone numbers
  • To tick the boxes of the 4 new research studies listed if you might be able to help.

We are currently looking for people who have had any experience of care homes so we can send out questionnaires to them at some point in the future. We will keep these as short as possible

We are also looking for people who listen to the Moral Maze and are willing to talk about the issues of why they are unlikely to take part in online debates such as Question Time (on the TV) or the Moral Maze (on the radio) and what might make them change their minds.

The letter includes a freepost envelope so you can let us know your thoughts (no stamp required)