Posted: Thu, 22/12/2016 - 17:16

At the end of October we sent out an email request to SiDE Pool members with email addresses.

We asked them to complete a survey regarding their motivations for taking part in research...

inSiDE Newsletter Number 7. IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU!

Posted: Tue, 13/01/2015 - 18:48

Thank you to all of the people who gave their details to us and became part of SiDE Dundee User Pool. 

This is the final edition of the inSiDE Newsletter and it focuses on YOU.

How all of you helped our research to be quite unique because of  input from genuine users (and non users) of technology. Some of you were new to the various gadgets on offer, some of you love it and some of you hate it and some of you refused to have anything to do with it. We are grateful to all of you for playing such a big part in our work here at Dundee School of Computing.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 7th 2015 from 11am till 3pm we are having a Celebration and hope you can join us for tea and cake, a spot of lunch or just a wee drink to celebrate SiDE work and your huge contribution.

Invites will be in the post to you soon.


It has been a real pleasure working with you all.


Marianne Dee & Vicki Hanson