Posted: Thu, 22/12/2016 - 17:16

At the end of October we sent out an email request to SiDE Pool members with email addresses.

We asked them to complete a survey regarding their motivations for taking part in research...

in-SiDE Newsletter Number 5, Autumn 2013

Posted: Mon, 23/09/2013 - 09:26

Welcome to inSiDE Newsletter Number 5.

Two new researchers joined the team earlier this year. Some of you will already have been in and met Rolando, helping him with his research for the BBC. We expect to be asking for help with Hugo's work on Braille some time in the future.

This was a significant year for our SiDE Principal Investigator, Professor Vicki Hanson, as she received a trio of national and international awards thus lending exceptional esteem to SiDE research and the SiDE team. 

We have plenty to be excited about in the coming months since the Research Council announced that BESiDE, our research work with Care Homes,  will receive a boost of £1.3 million! This will  allow us to take the research study on to the next level. From October 1st  a designer, a nurse, a technologist and an administrator will be  joining the BESiDE team to look at ways in which we can create an enabling built environment to provide healthy and fulfilling lives for people living in care homes. 

Our last mail out to members asked if you were happy for us to keep your information and continue to contact and ask for your help with research studies. Obviously we want to keep you all but people's circumstances change and you may not feel able to continue.

A few people sent back forms wishing to withdraw from the SiDE User Pool but forgot to add their names. Pease let Marianne know if you wish to withdraw and we will take your name off our lists. 

You can call her on 01382 388237 and leave a message with your name,  if she is not at her desk.